Tips about bleaching

Discuss with your dentist what you expect from the process of bleaching. The dentist will collect all information and then he will suggest the plan treatment.

Listen carefully to your dentist’s instructions. If you have any question, ask your dentist.

Bleaching whitens your teeth. If you have fillings or crowns and dental bridges it is possible that they will need to be changed in order to have similar color to the new color of your teeth.

Do not look your teeth on the mirror every day after bleaching. The eye may not see the real difference. Look at them at the end of treatment so that you can see the real difference.

Do not exaggerate. If you already have white teeth and you want a hue whiter, think about the cost in relation to the result. It is certain that bleaching is safe for your teeth. However, this does not mean that you have to interfere with nature without a reason.