A bright smile right here right now!

2_nice_smileWe bring in the latest techniques and methods used internationally in dental science, offering modern equipment combined to new generation materials.

In a pleasant and fully equipped place, due to the collaboration of specialists, the contribution of the personnel and the support of a very experienced and well organized laboratory, we can treat every simple or complicated dental problem.

The combination of teeth health and bleaching of your smile-not necessarily total white-from a specialized group of dentists in addition to balanced teeth, upgrade your smile making you more facile in your communication, friendlier and more attractive to the opposite sex.`

Having always as basic principle the care and service of our patients, we look after the hygiene and aesthetics of your teeth with the most painless and advanced techniques asking also your harmonic cooperation in order to ensure the maintenance of your dental health.

‘Bright smile-fresh breath, successful career and achievements in personal life; One of the most significant advantages is the immediate result’.

In a few words...


Bleaching of teeth is the most popular method of cosmetic dentistry.


It is a conservative technique because an interference with the teeth –such as filing- isn’t necessary. It is painless, harmless and affordable. It can be implemented at the dentist office or at home by using special materials, although the whole process lasts a lot more then.

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smile2_smallThe advanced method of cosmetic dentistry BriteSmile is simple; it can be completed quickly and comfortable in addition to the results that can last for years.

It is proved to be the most effective technique of improving the color of your teeth, hence, your smile.

Usually before the application of BriteSmile method, an evaluation of the state of the teeth proceeds and if necessary a teeth cleaning of plaque takes place.

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Porcelain Veneers

‘Do you have teeth with gaps between them, dark, crooked, with many fillings?’,
‘Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile?’,  
‘Are your teeth too big or too small, too sparse or your gums are showing too much?’.

With the Porcelain Veneers you can fix all these problems, simply by intervening to the front surface of the teeth.

Porcelain Veneers are very thin porcelain layers, manufactured by the dental technician; they are bonded to the teeth and have duration of 15-20 years.   They are considered to be a conservative treatment that transforms the smile, since the fabrication of the tooth is restricted on the front surface. In order to obtain them, 3 visits during one week are demanded.

The whole process is totally customized using an electronic plan of treatment and has to be completed by a specialist and a lab that specializes in fabricating porcelain veneers.

Now you can have the smile you like!


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Bonding is a contemporary method used for the restoration of natural wear or flaws of the teeth.

Νatural wear of the teeth includes discolorations or certain crooks, whereas flaws include the gaps between the teeth, the shape, the size and the bad convergence of the teeth during chewing.

This method uses special veneers with color, selected by the dentist, so that they can be similar to the natural color of the teeth or in order to give the desired bleaching after their bonding to the teeth.

Usually bonding is combined to bleaching.

The process is simple. The cosmetic dentist applies a sculpture on the teeth that already exist, using porcelain which is solidified with L.E.D. or Plasma Laser.

So, the bonding of the porcelain to the teeth becomes very potent, whereas the hardness of the porcelain becomes similar to the hardness of natural teeth.

The result is direct and impressive. Teeth that are formed badly or crooked, decolorized teeth are restored very quickly. In only one session the patient gets a transformed smile.

A special solution for children

Bonding is an excellent solution for children that have broken teeth and the alternative of filing down their teeth is not possible, due to their small oral cavity and the small surface of their teeth.   

General information about Bonding technique:

In general Bonding is a perfect solution for restoring teeth that have deep cervical corrosions or for patients who want to change the shape of their teeth but cannot afford porcelain veneers.

The result is excellent, without having to fill down the teeth. Some of the advantages of this method are the low cost and the fact that filing is avoided. However, Bonding technique cannot give us the aesthetic perfection that porcelain veneers provide.

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This is a new and advanced method of orthodontic restoration, appropriate for dental problems such as crooked, sparse, convex teeth etc.

The invisalign method uses special customized orthodontic accessories that are fabricated by using a transparent plastic material of a special composition.

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Dental implants are nowadays a trustful, good documented and flexible method of fronting various aesthetic and functional problems of the mouth cavity.


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children_sealantsThey are special coatings that are placed on the permanent teeth of the children (molars). These teeth come out only once in a lifetime and by using these coatings we protect them.

Sealants are a special liquid resin that contains fluoride. After the application, a thin layer is created that applies perfectly on the grooves of teeth (grooves are natural arrangements that teeth have on the chewing surface).

80% of the cases of tooth decay are caused because the grooves can’t stay clean. Sealants protect the children’s teeth as long as they are checked frequently and are perfectly adjusted.


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