children_sealantsThey are special coatings that are placed on the permanent teeth of the children (molars). These teeth come out only once in a lifetime and by using these coatings we protect them.

Sealants are a special liquid resin that contains fluoride. After the application, a thin layer is created that applies perfectly on the grooves of teeth (grooves are natural arrangements that teeth have on the chewing surface).

80% of the cases of tooth decay are caused because the grooves can’t stay clean. Sealants protect the children’s teeth as long as they are checked frequently and are perfectly adjusted.


Process of applying the SEALANTS

The process of applying the Sealants is totally painless and safe for the child. At first, the teeth are being cleaned and checked for potential tooth decay while afterwards they are being fluoridated. 

Then, coating takes place and potential problems of convergence are being fixed.gomfioi

With this method the teeth are protected from tooth decay and plaque. The molars are easily infected by tooth decay and plaque, due to the fact that the brush doesn’t reach the back area properly.

Sealants have to be checked every six months, so that we can be sure that they are in place without cracks or other deteriorations.

The following video presents how sealants are applied and also the way they protect the teeth: