Modern techniques for a perfect smile

smile_1When on daily basis we are flooded in these bright smiles, it is natural to have the need for having a similar one.



Modern people desire to have an impressive, healthy, bright smile coming out of their lips, giving them a beauty bonus to their image and a boost of confidence.

There are various methods in Cosmetic Dentistry that appeal to people who want to improve the appearance of their teeth.

The most conservative and cheap method to change your smile is BLEACHING.

Bleaching can eliminate the aged appearance of the teeth and also act satisfactory against dark-colored teeth that in the past could not discolor easily in the case that discoloration was caused by the destruction of the pulp, the use of antibiotics or because of excessive consumption of fluoride.

The general rule is that all teeth can be bleached. However, bleaching should be controlled and the result must be even on all teeth. Thus, the tone of white that will be selected as the desired goal should match the color of the person’s skin and age.

The dentist can approach greatly the result of bleaching. It is recommended to people over 18 years old. Bleaching of the teeth can take place at the dentist office or at home. It can even start at the office and be continued at home. The method that will be applied will be decided mutually with your dentist, depending on the type of teeth discoloration, the extent of the desired color change, the time available and the preferences of the person concerned. Bleaching at the dentist office is completed in 1-3 appointments that last 30-60΄ each time and an inspection in order to be certain that the teeth and gum are healthy, is necessary.

After the cleaning of the teeth and their polishing, a gel is placed on the gum or an elastic isolator around the teeth to protect soft tissues from the caustic whitener that will be used. The procedure is simple and totally painless.

If teeth won’t respond to bleaching at desired extent, there are other solutions that your dentist can recommend. These solutions regard the covering of the front surface or of the whole tooth by using a material that has the desired color of white so that we obtain the right aesthetic result.  

BONDING is a modern method of aesthetic intervention that can improve your smile greatly. By using special white substances that are called synthetic resins and by applying a certain technique, spaces between teeth can be covered, dark-colored teeth can become white and the shape and appearance of one tooth can be changed. Teeth that have a certain deviation can be restored completely and obtain the right shape and size transforming your smile. In fact, the whole procedure is completed in one appointment without or with minimum sharpening and usually with no anesthesia. It is a more affordable way of dental aesthetic restoration in comparison to porcelain veneers or dental bridges where their fabrication on a dental technical laboratory is required.    

Porcelain Veneers are a relatively quick and painless solution for teeth with bad shape and dark color. Teeth become white and well shaped effortless. This method is better than the classic one that situates crowns, because it is more conservative as the tooth is filed down less. In many cases the whole procedure does not require anesthesia. Practically, a thin layer of the adamantine (enamel) is extracted, the impression is imprinted and then it goes to the dental technical laboratory. If the patient desires, we can cover natural teeth with temporal restorations until the fabrication of the permanent ones is completed (7-10 days). At the next appointment veneers are placed and the patient leaves the office with a special, shiny smile. This is a method that all American dentists use to a large extent. Many Hollywood stars with snowy teeth have simply visited a dentist who placed on their teeth porcelain veneers.

Restoration of teeth by using this method so that we can bring them back to their original state and fix the vertical dimension, we restore the lost support on the facial muscles (dental face lift). Besides obtaining a bright smile, we can now make lips look more fleshy, reduce lines of the upper lip of smokers, emphasize cheekbones.

Finally, other less conservative methods like implants come to give solution to problems such as dental spaces, nodotita and congenital absence giving a perfectly composed smile. Whatever method we choose to create a bright smile we should not forget that we can maintain it by checking our teeth every six months at the dentist office and by practicing the correct dental hygiene.

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Modern techniques for a perfect smile

smile_1When on daily basis we are flooded in these bright smiles, it is natural to have the need for having a similar one.


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