This is a new and advanced method of orthodontic restoration, appropriate for dental problems such as crooked, sparse, convex teeth etc.

The invisalign method uses special customized orthodontic accessories that are fabricated by using a transparent plastic material of a special composition.

They are customized because they are manufactured specifically for every patient.

invisalignThey have the form of a transparent cover and the patient simply places them on his teeth. This leads to a slow, painless shift of the teeth to the right place.

Advantages against conventional methods:

Conventional methods use braces and other components that either are attached to the teeth, either they occupy a big part of the oral cavity during their use, for example special orthodontic denture, which promote the accumulation of germs and the appearance of coloring and plaque on the teeth. Also, sometimes they irritate the gum and have an ugly almost prohibitive aesthetic effect. The Invisalign type components are of modern technology, transparent, detachable and the aesthetic result is satisfactory. Hence, they can be disinfected easily and due to their special composition they do not irritate the gum.

Because they are detachable, they have these two important advantages:

1. You can detach them in order to eat easily.
2. Generally, you can maintain the dental hygiene at high levels, because the teeth can be cleaned easily.

General information about this method.invisalign2

The dentist, after conducting a radiologic control, creates the therapy plan. Based on the therapy plan, Invisalign type orthodontic covers appropriate for you, are fabricated.

These covers will be used for a certain period of time. Afterwards, the dentist rechecks them and estimates the progress in order to use the next cover until the desired result is achieved.