Cosmetic Dentistry

The scope of Cosmetic Dentistry is not only the health of the mouth but the right aesthetic result as well.

Healthy teeth have often aesthetic-functional problems involving the shape, size, distance between them and their convergence during chewing. These problems, when combined to the natural or unnatural wear of the teeth during the years, become more intense and unpleasant.  

The preservation of good health of teeth and mouth generally, can be combined to a flawless cosmetic result. This is the cause of Cosmetic Dentistry.

10 tips for a perfect smile

Maria-Hatzaki_smallTeeth restoration treatments are nowadays aesthetic procedures with the highest contentment percentage rate.

Most of the patients who desire to stay young can try easily and quickly a smile lifting.

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Modern techniques for a perfect smile

smile_1When on daily basis we are flooded in these bright smiles, it is natural to have the need for having a similar one.


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