smile2_smallThe advanced method of cosmetic dentistry BriteSmile is simple; it can be completed quickly and comfortable in addition to the results that can last for years.

It is proved to be the most effective technique of improving the color of your teeth, hence, your smile.

Usually before the application of BriteSmile method, an evaluation of the state of the teeth proceeds and if necessary a teeth cleaning of plaque takes place.


The process of bleaching with the system Britesmile:

1. Initially, teeth are covered with a special gel that contains a mixture of hydrogen peroxide.
2. Afterwards, with a special device that emits radiation of a certain frequency, teeth are radiated for a short period of time (approximately 20 minutes). This radiation appears to have a blue color on the human eye.  

The whole procedure is repeated 1 or 2 times until the best bleaching result is achieved.

This method gives the ability to remove marks and reduce the yellowish color of the teeth highly efficiently.

Cosmetic dentistry can create the ideal smile for your face, combining Britesmile method to other techniques such as Laser gum surgery, restoration of teeth angles, fracture and crack restoration or to orthodontic methods such as invisalign.