10 tips for a perfect smile

Maria-Hatzaki_smallTeeth restoration treatments are nowadays aesthetic procedures with the highest contentment percentage rate.

Most of the patients who desire to stay young can try easily and quickly a smile lifting.

1. Stains are removed from teeth via airbrusion, a process similar to dermabrasion that is applied for skin’s cleaning. Specifically, a special device that ‘bombes’ teeth with soda type materials is being used. These materials carry away micropigments that are created from smoking, coffee and red wine.   

2. Essentially, this is a bleaching method, which removes the remainders from the enamel after tooth cleaning by using ultrasounds, without deteriorating the color of the teeth. The method lasts a few minutes, it is painless, does not destroy the enamel and it can be repeated every six months. For extra glow we can use a special foam product that contains pearl dust, which sits on the teeth for a few hours giving an even brighter smile.

3. In opposition to classic bleaching methods that use hydrogen peroxide with high toxicity that can damage the enamel of the teeth after extended use of whiteners, smart clever bleach with KTPlaser applies a whitener gel with basic pH- not acidic- that respects the enamel and shortens the application time. Thus, it is painless because the temperature remains stable
4. The procedure is completed at the dentist office as there is no need for the gel  to be applied by using splints at home. So, the patient does not swallow whitener acids and is safe from teeth dehydration.

5. When the shape of the teeth is deteriorated due to friction, breaking or intense discoloration the amendment takes place by using porcelain veneers or bonding. Because of its resistance and natural glow, porcelain is considered to be the most suitable raw material for the coating of the teeth.   

6. It is the choice of Hollywood stars that does not absorb pigments and lasts up to 20 years. The new technology porcelain veneers do not need filing and they are as thin as a contact lens. After their application they are carved so that the tip of the teeth looks natural. Their placement is completed in two visits as in bonding and although they are more expensive their appearance is similar to natural tooth compensating the patient for their price.   

7. As years pass gum are shrinking and bleeding creating functional and aesthetic problems in the mouth. The solution is the regular curettage treatments of the plaque by using ultrasounds, which is a painless procedure.

8. Particularly, the dentist cleans the inside of the gum, removes bacteria, plaque and toxins that accumulate there creating gum disease. Afterwards, the dentist sterilizes periondontic pouches by using laser or an ozone device. The treatment is completed in one or two visits and is repeated every six months.

9. For young people who lost their teeth in an accident, because of periondontics or other causes or for older people who do not have any teeth, their solution is implants.

10. It is a completely painless method that is usually accomplished by the cooperation of dentists of different specializations and is completed in six months. It can be applied to patients of almost any age on the supposition that they follow the right protocol of dental hygiene.